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'With Love to Women' International Salon Acceptance

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28th July 2013


As a photographer I am always aiming to challenge myself and as part of this I often enter internationally recognized competitions. These are called ‘Salons’ and images are accepted as part of the exhibition with any accepted images being awarded medals or ribbons. I recently entered a salon ‘With Love to Women’ and had the following image accepted. Although not a medal winner it is still recognition for me that my image has been selected to be part of the exhibition. I have included below the introduction to the Salon so you can all understand what it is about and how proud I am to have my image accepted.

      8-th International Salon-circuit of Art Photography "With Love to Women" - 2013                     

The main mission of the Salon - to promote the development of modern photography, discovering new talent, experience exchange between photographers, forming a platform for strengthening the business relations of Ukraine with capitals and major cities around the world. The Salon was established in 2006 in honor of the 750th anniversary of the founding of the city. Since its inception, the salon has attracted the attention of many well-known personalities. In 2006 the exhibition was attended by many representatives of the diplomatic, U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, culture, art, government and business representatives. In 2008, the guests of honor at the Salon were Her Royal Highness The Princess of Austria and Luxembourg Anita von Hohenberg and her husband Count Andreas Bardot. In 2009, the chairman of the jury was a former President of the Slovak Republic, Mr. Rudolf Schuster. In 2011, the Prague exhibition of the Salon was held under the patronage of a member of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Mrs. Anna Putnovoy, chairman of the Committee on Culture and the Arts. Exhibitions in Paphos 2011-2012 held under the patronage of the Mayor, Mr. Savvas Vergas in the promotion of Paphos as the "European Capital of Culture - 2017".

"Life consists in love. It starts with a love to a mother and continues with a love to a woman, children, life matters... and ends up with a love to the life itself, one grudges to leave. But only in love to a Woman beautiful children are born, great deeds are done and desire to live does not vanish."

In all my thoughts and proceedings I adhere to these words, told by Sevrus. The woman  has always been and will remain for me the unique and mystic creature, whose beauty and majesty of soul is impossible to comprehend in full. 

To comprehend a woman... In order to achieve this one has to look at her, to watch her eyes shining. To see how changes palette of sentiments on her face: tenderness, passion, magnetism, reserved playful smile, fire or coldness in her eyes; killing or suspicious, scornful or admiring gaze. These is the only way leading to solution of female mistery it is art.

Image of Woman in Art ... I think it should be an intrigue, a mystery, a game, a secret,  a ginger on the edge of mysticism ... All this is associated with femininity.  For me WOMAN IN ART is a magical intimacy of pastous touches of Vermeer, mystical shadows of Georges de Latour,  dynamic orientation of Jean-Honore Fragonard, this is Ingres in comparison with Theodore Chasseriau, Raphael in comparison with Lucas Cranach der Aeltere, Renoir in comparison with Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec ... This is my philosophy of WOMAN IN ART.  It is what I want to show in my project "With love to Women".

I am happy that we were the only and the first in Lviv who started conducting the International Salon of Art Photography "With love to Women" under the patronage of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), Photographic Society of America (PSA) and the European Photographic Association (ISF).

One’s yearning for exalting a Woman is realized through art, and modern photography is not an exception. Therefore, we have recently seen a huge interest of the photographers all over the world in the image of the Woman in photography, as well as a rapidly growing interest of the society in the International Salon of Art Photography “With love to Women.” The social constituent is the key peculiarity of our Salon, which gives us a right to consider it as being a big socio-culturological project. Thanks to Salon’s resources, we implement various charity programs targeted at caring for women and children’s health and at securing a happy childhood. This is the great mission of  “With love to Women.”

I sincerely thank everyone who is close to me, who supports, takes part and helps to realize this project – embodiment of harmony and love.

Yuriy Titovets

Salon Chairman.



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