Halfway through the year...

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Half way through the year : August 2015


We are now halfway through the year and I cannot believe it has gone so fast. The weather has not been that good for location work, but I have managed to get out and about on a few occasions and working with the weather that presented itself on the day I managed to get some great shots. We now seem to be heading into an early autumnal phase, although some say there is a chance of reasonable weather towards the end of September. But on that we will have to wait and see. I have been fortunate in the first six months of the year to work with some amazing people, some new models as well and I hope they have been happy with the experience of working with me and getting some new shots for their portfolios.

It is always a joy for me to work with new models, I love creating new work with them and sometimes they can be a little bit like a sponge soaking up my ideas and taking on board my creativity. Some just need bringing out their shell a little bit and having their confidence boosted, but giving myself a pat on the back, I am pleased to say that some of the new models I have worked with have gone on to do some great work, so maybe I set them on their path to success – well I like to think so!

The opening of my new studio at the beginning of the year has created endless possibilities for me. It has become a wonderful creative space and one in which I can custom for my own ideas. At the start of the year I photographed some lovely dogs in there. One for some good friends of mine whose beautiful collie was elderly and not likely to live much longer. We got some amazing shots for them and sadly the dog passed away a few weeks later, quietly at home. For me this is what makes my photography worthwhile.

Then as a complete opposite I did a Vintage Wedding shoot for a Vintage Bridal Dress shop. The studio was transformed into several sets reminiscent of a vintage age and I had three lovely models on the day to wear the dresses along with a hair stylist and Make Up artist. The day was chaotic and long, but the images we got made the whole day of hard work something all involved can be proud of. Of course the biggest thanks have to go to Days of Grace who kindly loaned us the beautiful dresses.

A photographer’s life is nothing but creative and different for every shoot.

I also like to work through several projects and concepts. One was to capture the moods and emotions of the countryside as it transformed itself through the seasons. For me each season can reflect a different mood, enhanced by the colours and the light. Working with a lovely model Tann Marie we captured some of these moods and colours using the flowers that were in season to adorn headdresses and clothes to suit the mood. We have yet to work through our Autumn and Winter set but I am sure they will be as equally spectacular and rewarding to do.

In a few weeks I am off for a much needed break, to Northumberland, a part of the UK I have never been to. Whilst there I shall be concentrating on landscapes and seascapes and hoping to capture something of the mood of the area. The wildness of the land, the changing colours as depicted by the weather, and the atmosphere of the place.

In the meantime as we pass this half way point through the year, I would like to thank all those I have worked with so far – you know who you are, and look forward to working with you all again and meeting and working with lots of new people.

Laura x




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